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Nutritionals & Ingredients

industries served

Foods Ingredients(Culture, Enzymes,  Emulsion, Stabilizer, Vitamins, Flavors, Preservation, Nutritional  Ingredients,etc)

Animal Nutrition Ingredients(Feed Additives,Enzymes, Vitamins, Ingredients Pre-mix, Methionine,etc)



• Dairy, Bakery, Beverages,Confectionery,Souces,Savory, Health Foods

• Animal Nutrition, Animal Feedings

• Health care and Pharmaceuticals

• Industrial Applications


job categories


• Sales(National Sals Director, China Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Sales Engineer)

• Project Manager

• Product Leader,Product Specialist

• Application Engineer,Technical Service Engineer

• Service Manager, Service Engineer

• Lab positions: R&D Manager/Engineers.


regions served

• Tier one cities(mainly Shanghai ,Beijing, and Guangzhou)

• Emerging areas(Liaoning, Shandong, Shanxi, Northwest China, Southwest China)

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As the global economy is developing at different paces,geographic diversity will play a major role in the way companies discover new sources of talent.

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