“Our Destiny Offers not the Cup of Despair, but the Chalice of Opportunity”


Based on the thorough research we made on different industries and the deep understanding of the company activities and its functional involvement, we are able to provide the valuable solutions to help our clients to advance their organization development, as well as business expansion, the talents mapping of the designated industry, and at the heart of the business, talents!


Advisory on Organization Development

Listen first, then understand, finally advise. We try to understand more before we could advise. There’re out-of-date structure, and leading-the-future structure, by carefully studying the successful models in the real market, we could propel some companies to effectively change or improve the current organization structures. We could achieve this through:

w   Mapping on different target industry/companies’ organization structure.

w   Successful case studies on other “model” structures.

w   Discussion on possible new one based on the business situation and development plans.

w   The effects analysis and the follow-ups.


Executive Search & Selection

We have unique vision on the business we’re operating and we love! The candidates are searched out not just to fill the positions, but to help the companies solve problems and succeed!


Under this principle, we’re utilizing different search tools to identify the active and passive candidates, by carefully working on the selection process, we’re offering the quality candidates who can meet most of the criteria and possess the required skills & experiences in delivering the solutions for companies.


The professional processes in candidates’ selection will include:

w   Client Communication and Position Understanding

w   Candidates Searching

w   Screening, Selection & Shortlisting

w   Interview & Processing

w   Offer & On-board


Talent Mapping

“Talent Mapping” is a unique service Talent Point could provide to companies, who need professional advices on the real market information including: talents coverage, levels & titles, salary range, candidates’ skills investigation, etc

w   Talents Coverage: the talents real coverage under certain areas or titles, we could provide their locations, simple personal information, business titles and responsibilities.

w   Levels & Titles: this part involve a much detailed investigation regarding certain industry’s professional staff coverage, especially on their current levels(internal level and market level), the titles(internal and market level), candidates’ title development history, the current tenure length, current leadership level, responsibilities and changing history.

w   Salary Range: the salary level of different functions or roles. This will also include salary history records, annual change, titles & salaries, the real market range for certain positions.

w   Candidates’ Skills Investigation: the skills investigation involve the average skills for certain roles, the hard-to-gain skills coverage, developed skills from other companies, training programs, core skills in the market, and the candidates overall skills level in a niche market.

w   Etc


We could provide the single mapping service in the above list or a mixed solution to help our clients have better understanding of the talents markets, so they could revert with competitive structure, solutions to have unique employment branding in the market.


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As the global economy is developing at different paces,geographic diversity will play a major role in the way companies discover new sources of talent.

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