"A Rewarding Career is the Harmonious Combination of Career Ambition,Personal Life and Social Contribution!"

Rewarding Career

"If you can’t wake up in the morning and want to go to work, you’re in the wrong job."

The rewarding career is not not struggling on whether or not work on the ordinary day, it is latest researched that, a rewarding career should consist:

²  Well organized package structure compatible with personal contribution

and company development vision.

²  Work/Life Balance

²  Reachable Challenges

²  “Less Political” People Environment

²  Stability and Security within Expectation

²  The Attractive Business Vision


Chanllenges and People

The two key words seem to be “Challenges” and “People” well ahead of compensation especially in Mainland China, when people are asked to describe some of the most important part of their work.


The finding emphasizes the fact that people satisfaction in the workplace is first and foremost linked to a sense of progress and achievement in their work and to the culture of the company which is embodied by the people surrounding them.


Responsibility VS Compensation

Considering that an increase in responsibility is usually accompanied by an increase in compensation, the outcome is probably the same, especially when referring to compensation increases in Mainland China which were much higher than in Hong Kong.


However a worthy nuance to note when trying to attract talent in Mainland China is that increased responsibility and career progression is the most important driver ahead of compensation in absolute terms. Hence, Mainland Chinese people are probably reluctant to accept lateral moves even for more money.


Work/Life Balance

It is a significant finding as the notion of Work/Life balance has not been associated until now with the preoccupations of the workforce as it has been commonly thought that the talent in China was primarily motivated by compensation increases.


One possible cause can be seen in the rapid increase in compensation for mid- to senior-level talent over the past five years, which may put people in a more comfortable position to look for a broader, more holistic approach to their career choice. Those born from 1975-1987 now make up a significant portion of this highly sought-after talent pool. This coincides with a time of life when many are getting married, buying homes, and starting families during a critical phase of one’s professional career. The competitive intensity and pace that characterizes business in China has created a highly stressful environment for this new generation of professionals.


The desire for increased responsibilities and for Work-Life balance could create a significant challenge for companies seeking to attract and retain top young talent in China. China’s pace of development and the year-on-year growth of companies combine to produce long work hours for management; not to mention the matrix management structures of companies that require China-based mid-to-senior talent to be engaged in late night and early morning calls to corporate offices in the US and Europe.


5 Secrets to a Rewarding Career

1. It’s better to take home less money, and enjoy what you’re doing, than hate your job and live for the weekend.

2. Don’t be afraid to move around and try different jobs.

3. Make the best of a bad situation.

4. No matter how brilliant you are, you need interpersonal skills.

5. Everyone needs some autonomy and the ability to direct their own work load.


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